The couple artist Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck who has been married for seven years, on Monday, February 27, 2012 celebrating the birth of their third child in Santa Monica, California. This beautiful actress, Jennifer Garner gave birth to a baby boy.

The pair married in 2005 to complete their small families who already had two daughters, Violet, 6 years, and Seraphim, 3 years. This couple announced the pregnancy for the first time in August last year. Although the time to keep the sex of her baby, but in October came the news that babies conceived by Jennifer is a man.

Different from a number of Hollywood celebrities who give a unique name for the baby, Garner and her husband, Ben Affleck, are doing exactly the opposite. Through facebook, Affleck announced the name of their third child as Samuel Garner Affleck who was born in good health.

Garner's two daughters are the most eager to find a name for their new brother's name. Jennifer Garner jokingly that she and Affleck mocks the suggestion of their daughter about the name of the baby who mostly Disney themed. They suggested the name of Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse Affleck, then move on to the name of Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Smee.

For Jennifer she feels weird weird knowing that she would give birth to a baby boy because this is the first time she had a boy. But this she said it was an exciting experience. As for the actor Ben Afflect, practically going to be happy with the birth of this baby boy. Because with a wife and two daughters, he joked with saying that he had always outnumbered if being at home.

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