The success story of Harry Potter that JK Rowling's writing has been brought her into the ranks of the richest celebrities. She gets a very large income from her current novel has made movies.

But JK Rowling's wealth is now declining sharply. According to Forbes magazine that for the past 25 years have made a list of the wealthiest figures, reported that there had been a very sharp degradation in the wealth of JK Rowling.

If last year JK Rowling is known as the first English novelist who earned her billionaire, now that title has been changed to be a millionaire. Not because this single parent women is pleasure-loving, but because she spent much of her wealth to charity and pay very high taxes. New information about Rowling tells that charitable giving is worth approximately U.S. $ 160 million to charity and coupled with the high taxes that have to bear, making the story of Harry Potter author entry the list of Artists Out Of The Billionaires List by Forbes.

So far, Rowling is known to be very concerned about the people around him. Considering she's been living life as unemployed who must raise her children alone, she wanted to help people who face the same problem. JK Rowling revealed that she had a moral responsibility while getting something much bigger than what is needed.

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