Lamborghini Aventador J became supercar idol at Geneva Motor Show 2012 event. It is not surprising, because this car has an interesting and frightening appearance. Like the standard version of Aventador, Aventador J powered by engine with capacity of 6.5 liter V12 that can generate power of 700 HP.

This luxury sports car can reach top speed faster than the standard Aventador. However, because of using open roof, the driver must also consider the extra safety factor by wear a helmet.

Exterior and interior design Aventador J using the concep
t speedster which uses carbon fiber material. In addition there are also features climate control and navigation system that has been upgraded to make the car lighter. This high-quality material has also helped boost the speed of the supercar. Carbon fiber materials have been used on the bumper, front scoop water, wings and on the rear diffuser.

While on the interior, this super lightweight material is also applied. Part of the dashboard to the car seat wrapped in a new carbon fiber called Carbonskin. With such design changes, making this supercar is much lighter than the standard Aventador variants.

In addition, the luxury standard Aventador also forced to disappear from the Aventador J. But one interesting thing is Lamborghini only takes 6 weeks to finish this car before being taken to the Geneva Motor Show 2012. What special is Lamborghini says the word "One-off", which means the car is the only one existing model in the world. No prototype models and no models of other instance even in the Lamborghini Museum. In other words only the richest man and a true collector supercar is going to be able to have it.

The Lamborghini designers, Filippo Perini said that this special variant Aventador J has got an attractive offer from one of Lamborghini customers when completed presentation at the last Geneva Motor Show 2012. This Lamborghini loyal fans very serious to have Aventador J and willing to pay U.S. $ 2.74 million for this special supercar.

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