Launch 41 megapixels camera phones by Nokia shook the world of technology. The debate took place among the experts and observers of photography which of them is how high megapixels camera that is needed for a camera? And whether megapixel camera is the key factor in determining consumer camera focus?

However Nokia 808 PureView has dramatically raised the standard level of resolution in camera phones. Compare it with a fairly innovative smart phones iPhone 4S of Apple, which only has a resolution of 8 megapixel camera. Photography enthusiasts often reminded about the megapixel myth. The myth says that the higher the megapixel that the better quality of images produced.

Amateur Photographer Editor, Damien Demolder said that idea of making 41 megapixel camera is a thing too much. For instance, photography for advertising boards using 25 megapixel camera is enough, while for holiday photos with 8 megapixel digital camera even more than enough. This photographer is also clear that the quality of images resulting from camera phones with high resolution not the same as a DSLR camera shots. Especially when used in bright sunlight conditions there will be rough spots in the picture.

Meanwhile Nathan Lanxton, editor in said that the higher camera resolution will attract consumers attention. Consumers will think that the camera is better than DSLR cameras.

Explanation of Nokia is that 41 megapixel camera will allow users to be creative in doing zooming, reframing, cropping, editing, and resizing without degrading image quality. Intelligent functions in mobile devices will facilitate sharing and storing images with smaller file sizes.

High resolution would be meaningless if behind it there is no improvement in technology. But Nokia has showcased images PureView series of shots that are printed in poster size. The result was very nice. Apparently, the world of photography has moved into mobile photography. Camera phones have a very small sensor with a quarter size of a fingernail. Sensors that store in it 40 million pixels.

The latest Nokia mobile phones using the Symbian operating system which the quality is far below the applications that run Android, Apple, and Windows at this time. According Demolder, the competition level of resolution of the phone is likely to continue. Now it was just another mobile phone manufacturer that will respond to whether or not to pursue the megapixels resolution which was presented by Nokia 808 PureView.

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