Intelligence agency is a government agency commissioned to find info as much as possible for security purposes and defense. Information search activities include espionage, wiretapping, working with other institutions, and evaluate other public sources. Here are six of the world intelligence agencies that have recognized their greatness by other countries.

Stand for: HaMossad leModi'in v'leTafkidim Meyuhadim
Country: Israel
Mossad comes from the Greek words meaning in english is the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations. MOSSAD is solely responsible for the collection of confidential information and the Israeli military operations. Intelligence agency was formed on December 13, 1949, as the "Central Institute for Coordination". Although undisclosed, the current estimated Mossad staff consists of approximately 1200 personnel spread across the world.

2. CIA
Stand for: Central Intelligence Agency
Country: United States
Formed during World War II with the aim to coordinate espionage activities against U.S. opposition. With time, CIA expanded target include among other sabotage activities, anti-sabotage, demolition and evacuation.

3. MI6 or SIS
Stands for: Secret Intelligence Services
Country: United Kingdom
MI6 was established in 1909. Initially, the secret agent is focused on the activities of espionage and counter espionage, because at that time the UK want to know the maritime strength of Germany.

4. KGB
Stands for: Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti
Country: Russia
Intelligence agency was founded in 1917 with the aim to protect the Bolshevik Revolution and the Russian Socialist Federal Soviet Republic in the fight against imperialism and counter revolution.

5. R & AW or RAW
Stands for: Research & Analysis Wing
Country: India
RAW was formed in 1968 after India has witnessed two major wars, the Sino-India war and India-Pakistan war. The main role of RAW are as counter-terrorism intelligence and covert operations.

6. ISI
Stands for: Inter-Services Intelligence
Country: Pakistan
ISI is one of the three branches of intelligence agencies in Pakistan and the greatest among those three intelligent agents. Independently established in 1948 to strengthen the Pakistan army during the India-Pakistan war in 1947.

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