Children are often times have a funny attitude, not least Tom Cruise's daughter. A very beautiful girl child of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is apparently very scared if seeing a tall person.

Suri's character and attitude expressed by Tom Cruise, who claimed that his daughter was crying when the first time saw Russell Brand. Yep, apparently Suri got scared when first saw the comedian, Katy Perry's ex-husband is.

Of all the style of ornamentation that is owned by Russell Brand, whether his hair disheveled models and quirky clothes that it was not a problem for Suri Cruise. However, the most feared and might make Suri a shudder in horror is that Russell Brand feet very long.

When Suri visited Tom Cruise who was filming in Miami, this child first saw Russell who walked up to Tom Cruise. Although it is only approached, Suri was crying made.

Tom Cruise added that Suri is not used to being around people that tall, like Russell Brand. But now, Suri was getting used, even playful and became good friends with the comedian who has a body tall was 185 cm.

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