A study published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society said that astronomers found the four pairs of stars that should never exist in the Milky Way galaxy. The fourth star is orbiting couple to each other in distance that is very very close.

The stars have been found by observation with the Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) in Hawaii. In these observations, astronomers monitor the light of hundred thousands of stars with the infrared waves for 5 years. Observations focused on the red dwarf star, a star that much smaller and dimmer than the Sun. Types of stars are abundant but difficult to observe.

The astronomers were surprised because they found some of the red dwarf star binary orbit with a time shorter than five hours, something previously said is a matter that is not possible. The statement expressed by Bas Nefs, lead researcher from the Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands.

Binary stars are two stars close together, have the same center of mass and orbit each other. Scientists say about binary star that they discovered this time should be not exist, because the distances of stars with each other too closely. The theory developed based on research over the three decades mentioned that the orbits of binary stars can not be less than 5 hours. Meanwhile, the orbits of this new binary stars are within four hours, so it is break the theory.

Orbit with a very short time is the distance of two stars very close. Astronomers believe the star is close to one another tend to fuse into one to form an even bigger star. Astronomers estimate that during the first binary star is shrinking indicates this stars orbit also shrinking. However, as yet unknown causes of depreciation. One of the reasons that might happen is that a very active binary stars. When the stars begin to move closer to each other will deformed magnetic field lines. Magnetic force to slow the motion of stars, thus allowing the stars are moving closer.

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