The director Batman "Dark Knight Rises" movie, Christopher Nolan, finally expressed condolences to the victims and their families in the horrific tragedy of the movie premiere in theaters Denver, Colorado on Friday morning local time. Nolan also spoke about the incident that claimed 12 people were killed and 59 injured last night when playing movies in the United States.

Nolan expressed deep sadness at this tragedy that did not make sense, which has hurt the entire community of Aurora. The director does not know anything about the victims of the shooting, but that many Batman fans were there to watch a movie not for such a tragedy like this.

He also believed that the film is a form of big art in America. Watch together and uncover a story a movie on the big screen is an important and enjoyable hobby for everyone. Nolan said that the cinema is home to him and the idea that someone would create a riot by killing innocent people in a savage way, it destroys the world of film. Nolan concluded, that they enough to feel guilty to the victims of this horrible crime. He also thought about the feelings of the victims and their families.

For this reason, Warner Bros, the studio that makes "Dark Knight Rises" also expressed sadness over this incident, by canceling the premiere of the movie "Dark Knight Rises" in Paris, France. Though the plan, the event will be visited by their players as a promotional event. The studio also undo the violence-themed movie trailer "Gangster Squad", starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, which had become one by clicking on the "Dark Knight Rises".

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