Really sorry for the fate of Demi Moore. This woman is not constantly be hurt by her ex-husband, Ashton Kutcher. Demi Moore current heart broken again when look at Ashton Kutcher's love affair with Mila Kunis. Especially after the kiss photo Ashton and Mila are widespread on the internet. Woman who is now 49 years old back hurt.

An information saying that Demi Moore is really broken heart when she knew Ashton was moved to another heart very fast, by dating Mila. Demi still keep a sense of affection for Ashton until now. Demi still have some hope someday Ashton can come back to her again. But the hope faded after knowing a special relationship Mila with Ashton. Before photo Mila kissing Ashton, Demi Moore also often sliced hearts when looking at pictures of Ashton tenderly kissed some other women.

Initially Ashton and Mila do not want to acknowledge the special relationship between them. However, this relationship becomes more apparent at this time. There is even a source as saying that both of them now have been living together as a couple that can not be separated.

The source said that they were always close together like a new person in love. Although they tried to hide their relationship for some time, finally wafted by the media as well. Mila is a young woman who was 28 years old.

As known for some time before, Ashton and Demi Moore was divorced in November last year. The was because of Ashton known to have an affair with another woman. After such time, Demi Moore was succeeded through her hard times to go to the hospital, as a foreign substance enters the body. Currently she experienced difficult times again, when she heard the news of her ex-husband who found a new love in a very fast time with younger women.

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  1. I don't know who wrote this but the grammar is atrocious!

  2. Worse writer EVER. I hope some junior high kid wrote this, because the grammar is horrendous.

  3. who wrote this, makes no sense. Terrible grammar. And if anyone thinks that Aston hadn't already cheated, they are crazy. He is a boy, she is a grown woman, when your in an age difference affair or marriage the younger one really isn't sitting around watching tv.

  4. Who wrote this!! It is unbelievable, I WAS EMBARRASSED FOR THE AUTHOR!! Please take a course before you try to become a journalist! Learn some grammar and proof reading skills!

  5. this is not a 'grammar' issue...this person obviously does not speak English as a first language...or at reads like the Chinese-to-English translations of instructions, or something, written by people who don't grasp syntax, sentence structure, idiomatic expressions, word definitions, and yes, this even an English-language website? i suppose i could click on any other link (written in...English, duh) and find out, but after reading this incomprehensible muck i don't really care to...

  6. Yes, Jennifer is right. This is how people write when their first language isn't English. They probably wrote in their native language and ran it through some type of Translation software.



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