Some signs of someone who has sensitive teeth is the teeth feel pain when eating cold or heat. An example is when eating ice cream or hot soup. The most sensitive teeth sufferers cope by avoiding foods that cause tooth sensitivity. It is effective to avoid sensitive teeth but will cause us to suffer when food is actually our favorite foods.

Therefore, people with sensitive teeth should visit their dentist to consultation of the cause of sensitive teeth which they have because various causes. Our dentist will help us to diagnose and determine the cause of our sensitive teeth. Among them are to know whether the pain experienced was stung briefly or continuously and whether the pain spreads to the face and neck or just felt in the jaw.

In most cases, tooth sensitivity caused by enamel that is open, so the dentin also opened. There are several reasons why this may happen. If we have gum disease and gum down position, the tooth will be seen and the tooth can become more sensitive. An exposed tooth root make it have no the tooth email protected and making it sensitive to hot or cold.

In some patients, tooth decay caused by enamel wear because teeth chatter when sleeping. This condition is commonly known as bruxism and this occurs without the knowledge of the patients themselves because happened when the patient sleep. Cracked tooth can also be a trigger sensitive teeth caused by the open dentin.

Tooth dentine can also be opened which is caused by the wrong style of tooth brushing, as brushing teeth too harsh and spirit. Brushing teeth too hard can damage the gums and cause gum drop. Once again with a drop of gum is exposed tooth roots and lead to high sensitivity.

Many people with sensitive teeth using a specially toothpaste for sensitive teeth, with expectation can reduce teeth sensitivity. This indeed may help, if our teeth sensitive to hot and cold foods. However, it will not be effective if our teeth are sensitive because of cracked, broken or because the gum has been dropped.  This is why it is important to consult with dentist about tooth sensitivity. The dentist can show us how to brush teeth properly and can recommend various types of toothbrushes that fit the condition of our teeth.

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