In this July 2012, The Dark Knight Rises will be released in cinemas world. Stories and reviews of the latest Batman movie is being discussed. Because the Batman movies are always interesting, Batman movies have the facts and accomplishments that were achieved. This is the official list of Guinness World Records taken, on the facts and the record has been achieved by Batman.

One of the Batman trilogy, The Dark Night in 2008, was recorded as a movie with the biggest and fastest gain revenue. Which amounted to U.S.$ 100 million in less than two days after it was released.

Characters such as Batman first appeared in the video game in 1986. "The legendary caped crusader's" is a crusade game background, which produced the UK Ocean Software for the ZX Spectrum home computer.

Zdravko Genov is a person with a collection of Batman memorabilia in the world. Consists of 1,160 different items as of December 10, 2011.

Batman comics most often adopted, compared to other superhero comics to be a story in a movie. No less, 8 Batman series has been created. Including the first serial produced in America in 1966, the Dark Night Trilogy in 2008 to 2012, until Animated Series which still produced today.

A Batmobile, Batman vehicle ever used in setting the film Batman starring Joel Schumacher had sold up to U.S. $ 335,000 in a collector car auction in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. This becomes an expensive Batman memorabilia ever sold.

Detective Comic, is a forerunner to the character of Batman, the longest recorded as a monthly comic with no break, which was never published. Issue of the comic series was first released in March 1937 and ended on the 27th edition in May 1939.

Although the latest Batman movie has not started and may not be successful, in April 2012, The Dark Knight Rises composer, Hans Zimmer from Germany has earned a profit of U.S. $ 196.2 billion from the soundtrack album sales worldwide. It became the greatest number of the kind of album sales.

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