Fibrous foods are foods that contain fiber in which the body can not digest or absorb it. Because it can not be digested by the digestion in the body, dietary fiber is not going to produce energy or calories to the body. Fiber found in many nuts, grains, gelatin, wheat, fruits and vegetables.

Dietary fiber can not be absorbed in the small intestine. Therefore, the fiber will not enter the bloodstream. Although the body is not easily digested, fiber appears to have important and positive role in the body. This fiber will be taken by the small intestine to the colon by intestinal peristalsis. The presence of fiber in the colon will help the process of metabolism in the colon.

Fibrous food is best eaten the body in amounts as needed, as it gives great benefits especially in digestion. Here are 5 reasons why a person's extremely important to consume fibrous food.

1. Heart healthy
This conclusion is the result of research carried out last year. Fibrous foods can be a preventative against heart disease, the most easy and effective. Eating fiber foods are also able to reduce to reduce blood pressure, bad cholesterol levels and inflammation.

2. Make body slim
Because the satiety effect longer and lower in calories, nutrition experts recommend eating fiber to reduce cravings and helping us to lose weight. The scientists at Tufts University, Massachusetts, discover that the woman who adding 14 gram within their food every day, on average capable of lowering 4 pounds weight their body within four months.

3. Overcoming diabetes
Insoluble fiber is considered to reduce the body's need for insulin, because the soluble fiber can slow the digestion of carbohydrates, which helps prevent blood sugar increases suddenly. The fiber in whole grains is expected to reduce the risk of diabetes by about 35 percent.

4. Prevent constipation
Insoluble fiber, helps soften the stool, thus reducing the risk of constipation are not wearing. Experts say that high fiber foods can also reduce the risk of diverticulosis, a condition in which the formation of small pouches in the colon.

5. Longevity
Findings from the National Cancer Institute showed women who ate 26 grams of fiber and 29 gram per day can reduce the risk of premature death from all causes by 22 percent. Insoluble fiber also has anti-inflammatory effects and build up the immune system.

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