One of the most attractive tourist spot for surfing is on the island of Bali. The island is located in Southeast Asia, specifically in Indonesia. The beaches in Bali is famous for beautiful and has a particularly good waves for surfing enthusiasts. Here are five of the best beaches on the island of Bali that could be an alternative for satisfying hobby of surfing.

1. Kuta reef

Kuta reef is located at Kuta beach has a subscription surfers from around the world, who travel on the island of Bali. Characteristics of a large and powerful waves in the area is characteristic of the waves here. On the beach there are two choices of the waves, the right hander and left hander. The waves are very suitable for beginners to professional surfers.

2. Uluwatu beach

Uluwatu is located on the coast of the southernmost tip of Bali, in the Indian Ocean. Uluwatu is a very popular surf destinations in Bali. Due to the violent waves of Indian Ocean, there is no wonder if the waves here offer satisfaction to the merry surfing. One special feature in Uluwatu beach is directly bordered by high cliffs and steep banks, which add charm of this place.

3. Dreamland beach

Dreamland has a beautiful view. Stretch of white sand, plus beautiful white stone cliffs that bordered directly by the Indian Ocean make panorama on the beach looks very attractive.

Dreamland located in the village Ungasan, Badung, Bali. Are in strategic locations and many luxurious facilities owned by private surrounding. Waves at this beach can reach a height of more than 4 m at the time of the waves season. Best for the surf session at Dreamland Beach is during the dry season.

This is because the wind flows from east to west to make a big wave. Relax in the beautiful Dreamland beach with a tropical atmosphere, will make visitor feel at home with the characteristics of the beach itself.

4. Padang-padang beach

Padang-padang coast beach is located in Ungasan village, Badung, Bali. This beach is not foreign to the surfing enthusiast, because the location is charming and very large waves and very challenging. The beach is right in front of the Indian Ocean. The waves here are known to have high levels of difficulty. Waves can reach a maximum peak of up to 12 feet.

Waves that make up the pipe with the strength of the strong currents and large, making it just trying to be experienced. Besides being known by the amazing waves, the beach is also known for its beauty and uniqueness.

Unlike some other famous beaches in Bali, to the Padang-padang beach must pass through a narrow cavern natural staircase and some stairs that seemed like it would pinch anyone who entered it. By passing the cave, visitors will see the white sand and crystal clear beaches and beautiful bluish tint.

The beach is not too extensive, but offers a beautiful view of lush green trees that grew around the cliffs of this coast. The beach is also increasingly popular after the Hollywood star Julia Roberts filming activity "Eat, Pray, Love" in this place.

5. Balangan beach

Balangan beach located in Pecatu white hills, the southern island of Bali. Balangan beach has white sand which extends over 200 meters. This beach is famous for the charming sunset and the choice must be for the surfers after having satisfied to enjoy the waves.

This beach was awarded a large wave and is suitable for experienced surfers to professionals. But the large waves is relatively easy to pass through. The best season for surfing in Balangan Beach is in the dry season when the wind flowing from east to west and make a big wave and the perfect time to surf.

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