According to one study, the risk of liver cancer can be suppressed by the pattern of consumption of certain foods. Foods that contain vitamin E are foods that are recommended. According to the studies, vitamin E is a substance that is believed to reduce the risk of liver cancer in person. Some example foods rich in vitamin E are almonds, peanuts and dried apricots.

In the study also revealed that the habit of snacking on these foods are very good, especially for adults and middle-aged. In addition, it is also believed to protect against heart disease and eye damage in old age. These results obtained from the research conducted by Dr. Wei Zhang of Shanghai Cancer Institute.

He and his team analyzed data on 132,837 people, including 267 liver cancer patients or 54% percent of the population of patients with this disease in China. Dr Zhang said his team found an association between vitamin E intake and risk of liver cancer. The conclusion drawn is a high intake of vitamin E, it is better to reduce the risk of liver cancer in middle-aged or older.

Liver cancer is the third largest cause of death due to cancer cause, in the world, with a ratio of 5:7 between Men and Women. And the disease is about 85% are common in developing countries. The study itself was published in the Journal of National Cancer Institute.

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