Two movies were released in July is expected to compete fiercely. Ice Age 4 "Continental Drift" has earned U.S. $ 46 million in a week, since it was first released in the United States. The second film which, according to observers seem ready to shift position is Batman "The Dark Night Raise" which will be launched next few days.

Sales acquisition Ice Age 4 "Continental Drift" is quite successful, for the fourth series of this film. However, sales figures have not been able to surpass the success of the previous series Ice Age 2 "The Meltdown", which in a week could reach U.S. $ 68 million, in 2006.

In addition to success in the United States, the film also earned a profit of U.S. $ 339 million during the week around the world. Sales figures are enough to make the film was made by Steve Martino, Mike Thurmeier be topped the list of current box office.

Figures obtained this film series is able to beat other popular films. As Spider Man is only able to achieve a profit of U.S. $ 35 million for the first weekend in the United States, although the film is more successful in foreign countries with gross revenues of U.S. $ 521.4 million worldwide.

According to Chris Aronson, head of distribution for Fox, this is all thanks to Scrat. Although the squirrel is not the main character, because of his mistake, Manny, Diego and Sid got adventure in the story of this film.

According to film industry analysts, said the competition will likely come from the third series adaptation of the comic Batman "The Dark Knight Rises". Various issues, one of which be the last film made by Christopher Nolan and so on, makes this film noteworthy.

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