The growth of wireless technology surfing, which is supported also by Gadget, pushing the explosion of Internet users in China to be 538 million. Amount sufficient for the country ranked first State of the biggest internet users around the world.

According to China Internet Network center, that number increased by approximately 11% of the previous year. Largest contributor of this amount is the use of mobile phones and wireless gadgets. Amounting to 388 million users, up about 22% from a year earlier.

As where a lot of preaching, China became the country with a glance at most markets of the technology industry. Even Apple is willing to pay dearly for their products can compete with Android-based product which first circulated in this most populous nation.

Rapid growth is then immediately followed up by the Government of China to make some policy. Such as blocking access to material deemed subversive or obscene. The Chinese government also tightened its control of social networking and similar sites. The move came after the Chinese government learned of the upheaval that occurred in Egypt and Tunisia a few moments ago.

On the other hand, the rampant use of Internet and the explosive popularity of this series also encourages the growth of new industries in China, like microblogs for online video. Although the appearance was tightened control over the content presented. Local government in this regard will block some online videos that are vulgar, pornographic, or too hard.

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