Jennifer Lopez has resigned as a judge declared, at the American Idol last week. The resignation of the sexy singer who is familiarly called J-lo is unfortunate many, especially American Idol declining ratings. However, J-Lo did have a reason to decide retreat from this talent show. Mother of two children were admitted acting very long that so long she did not touch.

J-Lo said that he missed the movie. He was also very grateful after two years with American Idol and she has felt to give it all. However, J-Lo did not deny that she loves acting, because of where she started to get into the entertainment business. So the decision was made that she resigned.

Jennifer Lopez has revealed that the resignation of Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler of American Idol had given her the inspiration to do the same thing. Meanwhile, according to a schedule she would spend the rest of the year 2012 by touring with renowned singer Enrique Iglesias.

As known in advance, Steven Tyler leaving American Idol because he wanted to concentrate long enough for the band he left behind, Aerosmith. Tyler says that he takes the time to think before deciding to leave American Idol.

The legendary singer was really miss of Aerosmith. However, Steven claimed to really enjoy every minute of his time on American Idol. But he's resolve now is to bring Aerosmith back. President Fox, Mike Darnell gave his highest appreciation to Steven who has become a great judge.

Meanwhile, after losing two jury Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, to date there has been no official statement from FOX about who will replace them. But the legendary singer Aretha Franklin said in a statement that she desire to be a jury at this biggest talent show in the US.

Franklin said he is very interested in being a judge on American Idol email she wrote to CNN. Aretha Franklin is known as a legendary singer who has brought home 18 trophies Grammy and the band Rolling Stone. She called the best female solo singers all the time.

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