A historic painting called "The Scream", which is the work of painter Edvard Munch successfully won a record as a work of art with the highest price in a public auction. The painting was sold at Sotheby's New York auction for USD 119.9 million in a dramatic auction for 12 minutes.

Actually in the auction, the buyer was an unidentified buyer. However from several sources said that a U.S. billionaire Leon Black is named purchaser. The source is a reliable source which are the people closest to Leon Black, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Leon Black is a billionaire of New York citizen who is now 60 years old and as the founder and senior partner of Apollo Global Management. The company is engaged in investment funds. According to Forbes magazine which always announces wealth of the list richest people in the world, Leon Black wealth is estimated at 3.4 billion U.S. dollars.

The Scream is a painting made in 1895. The painting is one of the masterpieces created by Munch. The theme of these paintings tend to be creepy with swirling color, which symbolizes the existential anxiety and despair in the modern era. For the layman, the painting is actually quite familiar whether it's for those who view it intentionally or unintentionally, for example in the television show. As a sensational painting, The Scream also have several other versions. One of them is having by the National Gallery of Munch Norway and the other two are owned Munch Museum in Oslo.

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