One of the musician on the list of musicians who enliven the celebration of the London 2012 Olympics is William "John Paul" Gallagher. Liam plans to close the event with one of the Oasis hit single which is very popular, "Wonderwall". Oasis song is scheduled to be performed by the orchestra.

As rumored, the life of former Oasis frontman has changed since he was not active in this band. Musicians who used to frequent called trouble maker is to choose a healthier lifestyle. One of them is to stop consuming alcohol and he ran 5 miles on each week to maintain fitness. For these positive changes, the London 2012 Olympic Organizing Committee to be interested to involve the musician that was born at September 21, 1972, at this largest sporting event in the world.

At the show later, Liam will be working with David Arnold, one of the best music producers in the world to project re-arrangement of the song. They have started working in AIR Studios in north London a few days for an epic orchestral project. "Wonderwall" which is the work of other personnel Oasis, Noel Gallagher, will be sung by Liam rather than with Oasis but with his new band mates Andy Bell, Chris Sharrock and Gem Archer.

A source said the project is very important to Liam and the people involved. They are all involved, think long and worked so hard to make a music project is successful. The event will witness more than 650 million people worldwide through television, apparently will be a huge burden of responsibility for all the musicians involved.

The source also added that there will be many surprises in the project tracks produced by Liam Gallagher this time. To be sure they want a thick typical English character like a red blue flag waving and of course single Oasis, which has a distinctive character as a great band from England.

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