Lucas Leiva has played out since November. Brazilian midfielder suffered knee ligament injury and according to estimates, will miss the start of next season. But the Liverpool manager, Brenda Rodgers said that he believed Leiva was fit enough to perform in pre-season tour of North America.

Since decided to move to Liverpool from Gremio in 2007, Lucas Leiva is a very reliable player in the midfield for The Reds. However, a knee injury that is caused by a hard collision with Chelsea's Juan Mata, in the English League Cup, December 1, 2011, causing Lucas to stop playing, until the season ends.

Anterior cruciate ligaments injury that he suffered was very severe and likely to make early retirement as a football player. But fortunately the player managed to recover his condition, so it was not until early retirement.

For Lucas Leiva, players also felt they experienced injury is a very serious condition encountered. Players must wrestle with the injury and the time. The players had even thought of retiring because of knee condition that he felt very ill. The most difficult times he experienced was during the first four weeks after surgery, which have swollen knees.

In the pre-season game, Liverpool will play a friendly against Toronto, AS Roma and English Premier League club, Tottenham Hotspur. Rodgers hopes Lucas can perform in the tour's first game against the MLS club, on Saturday. Rodgers understand that Lucas is still in the process to return to 100% condition as before the injury. But he will be happy because the player can come back two months sooner than expected.

For players who suffered injuries such as Lucas, normally takes nine months to recover. However, Liverpool's medical team was considered successful, because the player can return recovered in just over seven months. Liverpool management will give a couple of games to Lucas to restore confidence and mental. Because the injury suffered by Lucas Leiva is a serious injury to a professional football player.

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