The explosion occurred in a fuel tanker carrying methane in Labuan, Malaysia. The incident was one of the crew killed and four others are missing. The incident took place when the fire spread over the tanker Bunga Alpina 3, which is owned by the Malaysian International Shipping Corporation (MISC). The ship exploded at 03.00 am local time today, when docked in the port of methane Petronas.

Malaysia Maritime Security parties confirm that the crew was killed, his body was found floating about 10 yards from the crash site. MISC said the ship was boarded by 29 crew who came from Malaysia and the Philippines. When the fire broke out, the whole crew jumped into the sea. But the death toll, estimated late to escape when the ship exploded. Up to now 24 people crew survived and was declared brought to the mainland. While the other four are still reported missing and has not been known to exist.

While firefighters attempt to extinguish the fire, was forced to cancel their intent after a series of further explosions. Police are still looking keep on guard in the vicinity of the tanker explosion. While the search for the missing crew, is still underway.

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