Kristen Stewart apology expressed to Robert Pattinson was not immediately provide the magic of their relationship that was cracked. The latest news is Robert Pattinson even leave their home in Los Angeles, after news of the Kristen Steward caught having an affair with director of "Snow White", Rupert Sanders, sticking.

The shocking news was revealed by the magazine Us Weekly on Tuesday night. The magazine ran a story about Kristen Stewart having affair with this director of "Snow White and the Huntsman". In the latest edition of the magazine, there are some photos taken on July 17, 2012, which shows Kristen and Rupert were kissing in the Mini Cooper car owned by this 22 years old actress.

Some time ago, Kristen look bad and slumped to the clothes she wore when she was walking in Los Angeles and looking desperate. She wiped her eyes, rubbed her head, and then crossed her arms. People magazine reports that Robert Pattinson had packed his bags and left his house that he occupied with Kristen Stewart for this. With such conditions, even some of the sources said that they are not sure if this couple can get back up.

According to reports circulating, the first Kristen to leave a three bedroom house shared with Robert since 2011 to meet Rupert. When met Rupert, Kristen wore a Rupert's L.A. Dodgers baseball cap. After the meeting, Kristen lowering Rupert three blocks from the house shared with his wife, Liberty Ross, and their two children. Christian then accelerates her car and returned to her home and Robert Pattinson.

After the magazine published the news on Wednesday, Kristen acknowledged the affair and apologized publicly. She revealed the words of apology for having hurt and humiliate the people closest to her and all those affected by the offense. This moment of infidelity threatened the most important things in her life and those whom she loved and respected, Robert Pattinson. She also revealed that very love Robert Pattinson.

Meanwhile, Liberty Ross, who is the wife of Rupert Sanders in an interview two weeks ago in YOU magazine, tells of hard times when she and Rupert moved to LA for the sake of her husband's career as a director. She said that he was largely take care of her children and in fact are like that.

Although Robert Pattinson has struggled to make a statement about his wife's infidelity scandal, the decision to get out of the house shared with Kristen enough to give an answer. So also with Liberty Ross is also not much to talk about her husband's infidelity. But according to Aceshowbiz, this 33 years old woman has uploaded pictures of Snow White was drunk. Allegedly, the picture was intended to satirize Kristen Steward, who is the artist cast "Snow White".

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