Ronan Keating admitted starting to feel lonely and depressed since living alone. This after his marriage to Yvonne had to stop in the middle of the road and divorced in last April. The Boyzone personnel said that freedom is originally beautiful post-divorce, it only made him feel lonely every day thereafter.

As many reported by the media, the divorce began after his affair with a beautiful dancer Francine Cornell, which made his 14 year marriage foundered. Previously, Ronan trying to save his relationship with his wife after his affair with Francine Cornell caught. But unfortunately, the effort was failed.

This 35 years old singer feel depression and familiar with the alcohol. He said that no one wants their marriage to fail especially afher have children that complements existing relationship. He was well aware, divorce is a big failure for him and destroying his children.

Although the present Ronan is still a good relationship with Yvonne and his three children, Jack, Marie and Ali, but according to Ronan this time their relationship can not be as close as before. Can not close with the kids that's the biggest burden he felt at this time.

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