Scarlett Johansson recently received the title as the most expensive paid actress for her role in a movie. The plan is for the production of the movie sequel The Avengers 2, she will pay about 13 million pounds.

Black Widow cast of this superhero sequel, received a salary from the total cost of film production which is estimated to around £ 936 billion. The big cost of making this movie, put the Avengers 2 ranked third in the list of most expensive films in history.

A reliable source says that Scarlett is the hottest star in Hollywood and worth paying a high cost in this superhero sequel. Having achieved success of the first series, The Avengers 2 scheduled to be made in 2013.

For the time being, idea, plot, and anyone else involved in the process of maturation except Scarlett who certainly as a star. After Scarlett, rated the second most expensive actress is Angelina Jolie for a fee of £ 12.2 million for the film Touris.

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