Snoring can be done by anyone, male or young, whether old or young. Snoring can disturb the people around us. Similarly for married couples, snoring can also disrupt their partner.

Snoring is usually caused by nasal congestion, enlarged tonsils until the cyst. Hopefully the following tips can help eliminate snoring habit. Or at least reduce to the maximum extent possible to comfort our partner.

1. Avoid alcohol or sleeping pills
For fans of alcoholic beverages, should avoid these types of drinks in four hours before bedtime. Alcohol causes the muscles in the airways become too relaxed, it can cause a person to snore. Effects of alcohol could also be caused by tranquilizers or sleeping pills.

2. Try using a neck brace
Neck brace can make the chin up, so it is not sore and also to keep the throat open. Neck brace that can be selected can be made of foam or plastic. Whiplash collar of foam will feel soft and not too attracted to the neck, making it more comfortable to wear. If there is the effect of fatigue on awakening, do stretching the muscles around the neck, by means of gentle massage then shower with warm water.

3. Wearing a brace tongue.
This particular tool can be found in the sleep disorders clinic. Function of the tongue retaining device is to make the tongue remains forward and mouth closed when a person is asleep. Orthodontists can also make a tool with a similar effect to hold the jaw at night, while sleeping.

4. Do not sleep on our backs
Sleep on our side may be able to prevent the tongue and the flesh that hangs from the palate to fall to close the airway. If we have trouble sleeping on our back, one way that works so we do not sleep on our back is to put a pocket on the our pajamas, then insert a tennis ball into it. The ball will make us uncomfortable when going to sleep on our backs, so that without consciously choosing to sleep on side.

5. Raise head and shoulders
Sleeping with the upper position higher than the bottom to help prevent snoring since the tongue in such a position would not fall to close the airway. However, do not prop the head with a pile of pillows. This will only make the body feel stiff and bent the throat so the situation would deteriorate. Instead, put a brick at the foot of the bed next to the up position so that approximately 10 to 13 cm.

6. Clean the nostrils
If nasal stuffiness, consider an attempt to clean it with a nasal spray that is sold freely in pharmacies.

7. Use drugs appropriately
If using these medications to clear the nose, use of drugs in accordance with the instructions in the packaging carefully and do not overdo it. It never hurts to consult a physician for use of these drugs.

8. Stop the smoking habit
Cigarette smoke can make breathing well tissue in the throat and nose irritation, swollen and obstructs airflow. These factors also cause a person to be snoring. Therefore, we should stop smoking.

9. Streamline and fit body
Snoring can be done either thin people and fat people. However, some studies say that people who are fat, three times more frequent snoring than slim.

10. Eat enough and not too much
Do not eat too much as long as three hours before bedtime, avoid snacking when awake in the middle of the night. That's because the digestive process makes the muscles anywhere, including in throat be relaxed and loose, so as to prevent snoring.

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