Skype is a program or software that is made with the aim of providing high-quality voice communication facilities-based Internet and can be used at reasonable cost. This program is freeware, which means it can be downloaded for free. Skype users can communicate with other Skype users for free, or a conventional telephone call for a fee (SkypeOut), receive calls to conventional phones (SkypeIn), send SMS, receive voice messages and much more.

Skype technologies was created by entrepreneurs Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friss. Both men were also the inventors of Kazaa and Joost (P2P for television). Skype plunge in the market and compete with open VoIP protocols existing, such as ISP, IAX and H.323.

Apparently Skype technology was greeted positively by the market. Since it first launched the program experienced rapid growth, both in terms of number of users, as well as from its software development. Services offered by this program also began to grow and diverse ranging from the use of free and paid. Even in the month of April 2006, Skype had 100 million users. The amount is of course much more in this present year.

Skype Group that was formed in September 2003 was purchased by e-Bay in September 2005 and headquartered in Luxembourg, Germany. Meanwhile, other offices are in London, England, Prague, Russia, and San Jose, California, USA

In use, Skype is considered a very entertaining program. Skype can help users to interact with business colleagues or friends with ease. Moreover, the technology owned by Skype can be said to be superior compared to other VoIP services at least for now. An example is in terms of data conversion is done by Skype which claim is more efficient and faster in its transfer rate. Very different from other VoIP services which sometimes feels slow.

In voice streaming, Skype provides video services conference in a way that is easy to use. Only by doing the installation on the computer and do the registration on the Skype website, users can enjoy Skype service which is fairly complete.

For users of Skype paid services, can make payment by various means of payment. For example with credit card, Skrill, and of course because it was purchased by e-Bay, it can also make payments via Paypal. With the Paypal menu on their payment, of course greatly facilitate internet users which known that this payment processor is the largest user in the world.

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