At present, the type of backpack on the market are widely available in a wide range of options. Because a lot of choices, make the prospective travelers are becoming increasingly confused as to whether to choose a backpack is most appropriate for their journey.

As is known, a backpack is a type of bag that has been chosen people when traveling, especially by frugal travelers, even there is term "backpacker" for those tourists who are traveling using a backpack. If you want to travel with a backpack, hopefully the following tips can be useful and can help you be a smooth journey.

1. Size
Pack size specified in liters, the volume capacity of the knapsack. For example 30 liters, 50 liters and so on. Small backpack or also commonly called "daypack" generally is about 20-30 liters. This backpack can only be used to bring a bit of a need for a few days.

On long trips, many people use a small backpack as an extra bag to carry a wallet, cell phone, books and others. Therefore determine the size according to how much needs to be taken during the trip.

Large backpack that is widely used for long trips or hikes have 50-70 liters of cargo. Above 70 liters are usually for long-term expeditions like climbing Mount Everest. If you find a backpack with extra volume written as 55 +10, which means that the pack size of 55 liters with the addition of a small backpack that can be removed from the backpack, the size of 10 liters. But many backpacks that included an inaccurate measure so deceive. It would be better if in addition to the need of capacity, the selection of a backpack is also based on body size to be easily portable and do not look too big.

2. Type
Backpack shape generally elongated or oval with a width that has been adapted to a wide shoulder for most people. In addition to user convenience, this form is aesthetically look better when held, rather than a backpack that far exceeds the width of the shoulder width.

There is a backpack that is equipped with a metal frame that easily removable when not required. This framework serves to stabilize the base and forms a backpack that is not easily shifted when picked up. Other types are designed in such a way that can help back in the load while the backpack sling. This type of backpack is very comfortable to use, because it reduces the sore back after a long trip by carrying a backpack. Another option is a backpack that has wheels like a suitcase so easily drawn.

3. Rope sling
When choosing a backpack, stick with the load buffer or a rope sling having sufficient width, strong stitching and lined pads for shoulder comfort. Buffer load is the most important factor of a backpack because it must be calculated according to the capacity of a backpack. Good rope sling backpack can make backpack stable and able to make load distributed evenly on the shoulders of the user.

4. Other
Large backpacks are usually divided into two parts with two openings, a drawstring top and zipper at the bottom. But there are all wearing the backpack zipper that when opened becomes like a suitcase. This type of backpack is best fit for travelers who are not good at packing the luggage.

Another thing that is additional but very important function is the support ropes. A good backpack has a rope tied to the user waist and make it more stable position. Nowadays even backpack is equipped with anti-rain hood, so backpack does not get wet and dirty.

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