iPhone, which since inception has been a special place in the hearts of people around the world, provides many facilities, not only in terms of communication but also in hobbies and friendships. Combined with a range of free applications from the developers, the iPhone has become an integral part of the lifestyle of today's society.

Here are 20 free applications that are considered to be the best for iPhone users. Some of these applications are also available for those who use the iPod Touch.

1. Facebook
Social networking sites and the friendship of the world's number one. Facebook app on the iPhone, allows the usage of the iPhone know the latest news and updates your friends on Facebook is as easy as opening at your desktop PC.

2. Twitter
Runner up of the world's best social networking site. Tweet the world on your activities and keep track of what your followers are doing via the free application of this one.

3. Skype
One of the modern means of communication. Through this application, iPhone users can easily contact their friends on Skype via video calls with the same quality with skype on the computer. It supports video calls to any type of computer.

4. Wikipanion
History of the library to move from wikipedia. There is no problem when opening web wikipedia on the iPhone, but this app makes it even better. Find and share the knowledge that you are looking at wikipedia, no ads of course, through this application.

5. Around Me
With this application you do not need to worry about lost. By using this application iPhone users can find out the banks, restaurants, retail outlets nearest your location. With support from Google Map, this application is very useful for those who love traveling.

6. Kindle
Applications developed in the virtual world famous bookstore, Amazon. Although not as good as iBooks, Kindle have the advantage with a myriad of titles that will spoil the book lice.

7. Adobe Photoshop Express
Mandatory application of art and photography enthusiast. This application can be easily, quickly, photo editing or drawing on both the iPhone.

8. Photosynth
Broadly speaking, the application program is not an application for a photo. But more accurately described as the application of art. IPhone users can look at other forms of objects to be their image with this one application.

9. RunKeeper
This app makes the iPhone or iPod into inseparable friends while jogging. With this application you can measure the distance traveled and calories burned while jogging one morning.

10. Pulse
Special application for the enthusiast information. Through Pulse, all the RSS feeds from various online media in the world can be easily followed. Plus a thumbnail image appears, make the Pulse easy to read

11. Dropbox
Application that connects your computer and your iPhone. Through your Dropbox with easy access to important data or files from a computer via the iPhone, anytime anywhere.

12. The Trainline
For those who use the railway as the main means of transport, The Trainline is a mandatory application. All train schedules and travel plans can be recorded and accessed easily via this application.

13. Movies by Flixter
not have to confused to see the schedule of your favorite movies in theaters if you have this one. Through one touch, you can see the film, where and when and can see it.

14. TonePad
Music fans should not forget this one application. Piano-based, iPhone users can create songs, arranges tone, and make it as a ring tone.

15. Thomson Reuters News Pro
This application allows iPhone users to read news from Reuters are updated and easy. Important for young executives who could not read the papers in the office.

16. Comics
Applications must for fans of the comic. Through this application iPhone users can read dozens of comics for free. With the addition of zoom, this application is very easy for the comic enthusiast.

17. Evernote
Application of an efficient schedule reminders and easy to use. Easily store important notes for you, your friends or clients.

18. Dictionary.com (Dictionary & Thesaurus)
If the weight of carrying a dictionary, this application could be the right solution. Condensed into a thick dictionary application with the support of synonyms, audio pronunciation, and writing the truth. Compulsory student applications.

19. Air Video Free
This application helps those who like to make a video recording and video converting them into smaller ones or turn it into a different extension. Additionally through this application video can be stored in a folder and playlist.

20. iHandy Level Free
This app makes the iPhone so the carpenters favorite gadget. Applications are very creative. Using a spirit level may be outdated in the current era, this application could be a switch to specify the installation of tile or table to be more precise.

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