South African swimmer, Cameron Van der Burgh, so happy and could hardly control his emotions, because he himself did not believe the speed he has made in the men swimming 100m. At the London 2012 Olympic swimming championships, he managed to break the world record as well as contributing to the country's first gold medal.

He has made a world record is 58.46 seconds. That beat the speed record of 58.58 seconds Brenton Rickard in 2009 and also had a record-breaking time of 58.83 seconds which he created himself in the Olympic semi-finals on Saturday.

Burgh is now 24 years old, became the first South African male athletes who won Olympic gold medals in individual swimming numbers. In the championship which was held on Sunday, he managed to leave the champion Kosuke Kitajima and the previous record holder Brenton Rickard.

For the Burgh, his victory in the championship pool was a great victory. For him, the 2012 Olympic championship is a great opportunity for him and he has managed to pick it up. Van der Burgh and then said, looking up at the sky, in memory of his rival from Norway and the world champion Alexander Dale Oen who died earlier this year because of a heart attack.

Van der Burgh victory to end medal drought at the branch pool for the South African contingent, after the team failed to reach the country before any medals at the 2008 Olympics. In that year they get is a big disappointment after their swimmers won four gold medals in the 4x100m relay freestyle number, at the Athens Games, following silver and bronze medals in individual numbers of Roland Schoeman.

Swimmers who practice one time in cold water pool in the Kruger National Park, Van der Burgh is supported by his mother who sat in the stands by the pool. The mother was deeply moved, when she saw his son standing on the podium. Van der Burgh again added that he did not care about the world record. For him a victory in the Olympics is a great history that will continue to be remembered, until he could tell it to his children someday.

One branch of the gold medal in swimming is a better outcome for the South African team, compared to the Beijing Olympics. However, Van der Burgh was still hopeful that his team will continue success in other numbers. In the meantime, Van der Burgh still has a chance to win the gold medal 4x100m relay additional numbers medley.

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