After fired 2 CEO in one year later, in the last Monday, Yahoo announced its new CEO, Marissa Mayer. The woman is an important person behind the technological revolution of Yahoo! rival, Google. The presence, Marissa Mayer, Google's former leading executives is expected to be able to lift the performance and earnings for this company that was founded March 1, 1995.

Marissa Mayer, age 37, is a graduate of Stanford University in California, she was one of 20 youngest influential employees at Google. However, she was very prominent role after she had discordant features for Google. As mapping technology features Google Maps, Earth, Local and Street View.

The appointment of Mayer as CEO is surprising to many people. Because previously, this position is forecast to be filled by one of the people in the Yahoo!, Ross Levinsohn. Many who do not believe that Yahoo! can get someone the caliber of Marissa Mayer in the company condition as it is today.

Marissa Mayer recruitment is very serious, especially when viewed from the salary to be received by the new CEO. Yahoo reported paying a salary of U.S. $ 70 million to her. That amount totaled U.S. $ 1 million annual salary, annual bonus of U.S. $ 2 million, U.S. $ 42 million stock options and other awards, as well as U.S. $ 14 million in cash that she should receive if still on Google. Provided that if Marissa last 5 years.

Earlier, in May 2011, former CEO Scott Thompson was fired for fake diploma case. A similar fate do the former CEO Carol Bartz who was sacked in September 2011 after serving 2.5 years in his post.

Although still the largest news portal service in the U.S., but in terms of email and search engine, Yahoo's fortunes continued to decline. To that end, the selection of a new person at Yahoo is needed now, especially some observers say the company is on the verge of bankruptcy. According to observers, Yahoo revolutionary action is necessary to be able to compete with Google and also some other popular products at this time, such as Facebook.

Marissa on Yahoo! task will be tough, because she has to improve the performance of Yahoo! that continues to decline. Seeing the heavy workload, it is worth that much salary. As you know, Marissa is Google's official upscale with her last position as Vice President. Meanwhile, Meyer also claimed to feel honored and happy to fill the position given to her at this time.

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