The airline was founded in the city of Berlin, Germany, on January 6, 1926. The airline was formed result of a merger between DAL and Junkers Luftverkehr. The original name of the company is Deutsche Luft Hansa Aktiengesellschaft and then in 1933 known as Lufthansa.

Lufthansa starts to look the development of their business on December 9, 1927. At that time the German government made ​​an agreement with the Spanish government, to allow air flights between the two countries. The agreement also to establish a new airline which is now known as Iberia. Routes across the North Atlantic and south Atlantic, and to the Far East began to be developed in the years before World War II. They used a German design their own aircraft, including Focke-Wulf, Junkers, Dornier and Heinkel.

After World War II broke out in 1939 the airline flight routes is limited, and can only fly to neutral countries. However, all Lufthansa flights stopped completely after Germany lost the war in 1945. The airline has down for about 10 years. Only after that on 1 April 1955, Lufthansa operates scheduled flights back to perform in Germany. As for the international routes beginning again on May 15, 1955, with flights to European cities, followed by a flight to New York on June 8, 1955. Aircraft used for flights Lockheed Super Constellation was.

Meanwhile, the East Germans tried to establish its own airline in the 1950s using the Lufthansa name, but this resulted in a dispute with West Germany, where the airline has been operating. East Germany renamed its national airline to Interflug, which ceased operations in 1991. Lufthansa banned from flying into West Berlin up until the abolition of the communist regime.

The ebb and flow of the development of the airline which also was marked by political issues, current Lufthansa logging on to become the largest airline in Europe, based on the number of passengers transported. Lufthansa's headquarters is in Cologne, where their main base traffic is in Frankurt International Airport and their second hub is Munich International Airport.

Dated December 6, 2006, Lufthansa ordered 20 Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental and became the first user airline of these type of aircraft. 747-8 is the largest Jumbo Jet that made by Boeing which is suitable used for intercontinental flights.

Not only that, though not the first user, Lufthansa now also has the world's largest aircraft Airbus 380. Until now the airline already operates 8 of Airbus A380 and there are 9 more are still in the stage of ordering. The largest aircraft they use to strengthen international long routes in their flight. The following are pictures of the Airbus A380 owned by Lufthansa, which can also be used as wallpaper.

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