Singapore Airlines that we know today as one of the best airlines of the world, was originally established as Malayan Airways Ltd. The airlines are starting their first flight on May 1, 1947.

At its inception, the airline still serving fewer routes, which include Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang in Malaysia. After World War II ended and in 1955, the airline is growing, including their fleet, most of which use DC-3 aircraft.

In 1963, the Federation of Malaysia was formed which later changed name to Malaysian Airways. In the event of separation of Singapore from the Federation which occurred in 1965 and 1966, Malaysian Airways changed its name again to Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA).

The airline also had a hard time, precisely in 1972. MSA ceased operations because there is a disagreement between the two sides. Malaysia emphasizes domestic flights, while Singapore would prefer international as their flight route. Although there is a separation, the flight attendants of Singapore Airlines or so called Singapore Girls still wearing a kebaya (traditional clothes of Malaysia).

In the 1970's, Singapore Airlines has developed very rapidly with the present fleet of Boeing 747 as they use. In the 1980s, the United States, Canada and Europe are added as a Singapore Airlines flight route network.

Singapore Airlines direct flight from Singapore to Los Angeles and New York began in 2004. Recent breakthrough made by the airlines as the first user of the largest passenger aircraft in the world today, Airbus A380. This Double Deck Jumbo Jet aircraft they use at the end of 2006 for flights between Singapore, London and Sydney.

Advanced aircraft of A380 which they have can be seen from the existing wallpaper above and can be downloaded for free as computer wallpaper.

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