On Wednesday, August 1, 2012, Amazon launched an iPad application for their streaming video service in San Francisco, USA. Application that is named "Amazon Instant Video", allowing the iPad users can watch movies and TV series that they rent or buy from Amazon. With the application iPad users are not charged extra.

At launch, the application of the Amazon is for the time being can only be used on the iPad. Amazon Instant Video gives access to the iPad users who have purchased or rented from the Amazon Instant Video Library, which currently has a collection of 120 000 video.

Representatives of the Amazon is also clear that the contents of a rented or purchased can also be downloaded, for viewing outside the network. Through a service called "Whispersync", all the video may be continued from time users turn it off, when they switched from the iPad to other devices such as tablet Kindle Fire, PS3 video game console, computer or TV player/Blu-ray connected to the Internet.

For applicants Amazon Prime service, free content offered by the service providers can also be seen on the iPad at no extra cost. Amazon Prime worth 79 U.S. dollars per year, and gives users a free two-day delivery if they shop at Amazon.com, and as many as 18 000 videos for "instant streaming", which is provided free of charge.

The new application also supports TV Season Pass at Amazon. Through the service, one episode and season TV series which purchased the user, automatically will be available in their iPad day after the show aired on TV.

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