New research from market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) showed there were four Android smart phones for every one iPhone that was shipped or distributed throughout the world in the second quarter of 2012.

In the IDC press release, which is contained in their official website, said that Android and iOS (iPhone) control 85 percent of all smart phones shipped in the second quarter of 2012. IDC noted that shipments of Android mobile operating system worldwide in the second quarter of 2012 totaled 104.8 million units, Apple iPhone 26 million units, BlackBerry 7.4 million units, Symbian 6.8 million units, Windows Phone 5.4 million units and Linux 3.5 million units.

For market share, mobile phone operating system Android in the second quarter 2012 leading by 68.1 percent, followed by Apple iOS 16.9 percent, BlackBerry 4.8 percent, Symbian 4.4 percent, Windows Phone 3.5 percent, Linux 2.3 percent and another mobile phone operating system 0.1 percent. Ramon Llamas, a senior researcher IDC said the market gives a good appreciation of a number of flagship models of the Android mobile phone producers.

Meanwhile on the other hand, BlackBerry and Symbian, which are the two pioneers and former leader of the smartphone market was in a difficult situation and market share decreased to below 5 percent.

Kevin Restivo of IDC said that although the majority of mobile users worldwide still use the phone feature, competitive market share of smart phone operating system is still far from final. There is still room for a number of owners of mobile operating systems to gain market share, despite these efforts will be difficult if see the smart phone penetration continues to rise sharply in the market.

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