Apple is known for producing popular advanced digital devices among adults, students and professionals. However, their fans growing with the market entry of the children at the launch of products such as iPad and iPhone.

Products launched since two years ago spelled out the top-selling product line of tablet compared to tablets made by other manufacturers. But because it is expensive, so children usually use the iPad loan from their parents. They use it mainly to play games or surfing the internet.

Seeing these positive trends, the management of Apple is rumored to be soon launched iPad Mini in October. If this happens, it is once again showing Apple's shift from previous trends, which tend to reject the mini-sized iPad described the former Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Steve Jobs.

According to data from CouponCodes4u poll, 21 percent of respondents want to buy a mini iPad for their children. About 39 percent said they were still going to buy, although they have had iPad 9.7 inch. If iPad mini launched, it will compete with similar-sized tablet made by Amazon and Google. The selection of the launch date at the end of the year will make a decent mini iPad as a gift from parents to their children, in welcoming the new year.

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