Having only appeared as a cameo in The Expendables, Arnold Schwarzenegger is rumored to be performed fully in the next sequel, from an action movie made by Sylvester Stallone, The Expendables 2. Arnold Schwarzenegger's appearance in the film, it has many interesting stories. One was the willingness of the former governor of California was to play the movie without pay.

In The Expendables 2 is planned to be released on August 17, 2012, Arnold will appear as one compatriot Sly, Sylvester Stallone close calls. Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed that he had encountered by Sly, when he was cutting hair at his salon subscriptions. When the Terminator star was still serving as governor of California.

He relates that one day he was sitting in the salon and Stallone came and said that he would be great if it could appear more than ever in The Expendables. At this time Arnold said that he asked Stallone to not ask him to play the movie, in the middle of serving the community as a governor.

Furthermore, when Sly voluntarily intend to call Arnold's agent to tell the full story of the Expendables, Arnold refused, and said that this time he makes his decision. Arnold told Sly that he does not need to call his agent, and he decided to participate in the film The Expendables 2.

At Sly discuss pay, Arnold is also strongly rejected. He said that Sly does not have to pay him. He's willing to play the movie The Expendables 2 is solely to support his colleague's.

The plan, Arnold and Stallone not only be present together in two film The Expendables, they will also be present in a movie called The Tomb. In addition to Arnold, in The Expendables 2 will also attend senior action star Chuck Norris, who is also a master Hollywood actor.

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