Beyonce Knowles's new song entitled "I Was Here" is a special song. The song is made not only for commercial purposes, but also for humanity. Through this singlet, Beyonce became a part of the humanitarian campaign conducted by the United Nations.

The message conveyed in the UN campaign is to encourage everyone to apply well to others. The campaign is expected to send a largest social media message in the world's history.

The song of "I Was Here" was released for the first time and also used for the memorial day of humanity on August 19, 2012. The song lasts 4.34 minutes and made in New York. Is a special award, because of this song, the wife of rapper Jay-Z is involved in a humanitarian campaign initiated by the United Nations.

Single Beyonce can be seen on the official website, today humanity. In this way, one billion people are expected to respond within one day, in hopes that they can respond back with the message in their Facebook accounts or Twiter. UN Secretary General, Valerie Amos, expressed his hope that the world will celebrate Humanitarian Day this time with humanitarian work.

However for Beyonce Knowles, World Humanitarian Day is the time to show her care for humanity and the opportunity to work together to load the difference. Since 2008, August 19 is celebrated as Humanitarian Day. This is after 2003, the UN office in Baghdad was attacked and killed 22 people.

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