One way to improve the image of our blog to look more professional is to select the appropriate template. Moreover, if the owner of the blog is a member of AdSense. Of course they have to choose the right template, in order to put Google AdSense ads in the right position and easily visible or accessible to the website or blog visitors.

For owners of blogs that have a theme of world news, on average felt that the standard template provided by Blogger is still not enough. Template that is felt appropriate to be used by the world's news blog is which looks more complex, in order to make it look more professional and elegant.

However, complex shapes must be easily understood by visitors, so that the visitors remain loyal to visit on the blog and easy access to world news they need. Not only that, with the place AdSense ads in the right position, it will most likely visitors will click the ad and that means increased revenue for the blog owner.

The number of templates for blogger news is widely available on the internet, to form a diverse and interesting models. One is blogger template below are made specifically for news blogs and AdSense ads. This template consists of three columns, two sidebars and a post column. Side bar set in the right and left post column.

Characteristic possessed by this template so suitable for use as a news Blogger template is as follows:
  • At the top are the menus for easy navigation of blog visitors looking for the news they want, which can be customized with labels on the blog, for example Music, Food, Politics and so forth.
  • On the main blog page or front page of a blog featuring the latest news at a glance and tiered. Visitors can enjoy the news easily by clicking "read more" button or news headlines.
  • On the right sidebar is very suitable to put popular post or most sought news by visitors.
  • In the footer there are three columns that can be filled with any widget in accordance with the needs of the blog.
Besides the characteristics of these blogs that have a strategic position for AdSense ads is as follows:
  • The right of the title of the blog, there is a place for measuring 468x60 AdSense ads. The place can also be left blank if do not want to put AdSense ads on it's position.
  • On the left sidebar there is a place AdSense ads 160x600 skyscraper, which can be directly installed, without the need to adjust it again.
  • In the upper right sidebar, there is place AdSense ads rectangle 300x250 pixels size, which can also be directly mounted without set the width of the sidebar again.
  • While the single post page, blog owners can also insert AdSense ads on post pages with 336x280 pixels size. Laying the AdSense ads here is also optional and if we don't need that, not be installed in that position.
Display main page

Display single post page

For the bloggers who need this template, just download this template for free via download button below. Or if want to see more details, just see it in the live demo.



The installation:
  • Download .xml template in advance and save on your computer.
  • Then open your Blogger account and go to Template> Backup/Restore> Download Full Template. After that, download the .xml file from your computer and save. The template is already installed on your blog.
  • Set the page layout and adjust with your standard gadget blog, via "Layout" menu.
Additional settings:
  • To replace the logo blog, upload image size 500x60 pixel from the Header gadget.
  • To insert Adsense ads, change the "picture gadget" on the right, left and upper right corner with your AdSense ad code, using the gadget HTML/JavaScript or with the AdSense gadget. It's easy, just click "Add a Gadget", put the code, then save. Size of the ad to the left sidebar is 160x600 pixels, the right sidebar is 300x250 pixels, and place the top right corner (right of the blog logo) is 468x60 pixels.
How to install the AdSense ads on the blog post Single Page:
If you want to put AdSense ads on the blog post, with a size of 336x280 pixels as in the live demo, you can do the following steps:
  • Look sized 336x280 AdSense ad code from your AdSense account.
  • After that parse the HTML code, so that could be installed on the xml template. Tool to parse HTML, already widely available online. You can find it by searching via Google, for example with the keyword "Parse HTML online".
  • After then write HTML AdSense ads that have been parsed to the following HTML code, change the text in red:
<div style='padding-left:0px; margin-top:1px; margin-right:10px; float:left;'>
  •  After that go to edit HTML pages of your blog. Template> Edit HTML> Proceed> Expand Widget Templates. Find the following HTML code:
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'><data:post.body/>
  • Pair your Adsense ad code with the following positions:
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<div style='padding-left:0px; margin-top:1px; margin-right:10px; float:left;'>
  • Than "Save Template", the steps are completed. 
If you have followed the above steps correctly, then your AdSense ads will appear on every Single Post page or article of your blog, such as the live demo. Good luck!

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