BMW and Zagato again collaborated to produce a model of the concept the other car, after the work of Zagato in BMW Z4 have success to get a positive reaction from visitors in the event the Concorso d'Elleganza Villa d'Este, Italy. For that reason, which also makes Adrian van Hooydonk as BMW design chief decided to collaborate again with Andrea Zagato.

The plan is this new concept model will be officially shown at the event in Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance 2012 in California, United States. And from a variety of outstanding teaser, this collaboration seems to be back using BMW Z4 sports car models. BMW Zagato Roadster at this time will only be made​within 6 weeks, including a new concept to fix top roof.

In the model Z4 Roadster later, will have a view that is expected not too different from the coupe model. Where air ducts on the front bumper is larger and the addition of water scoop on the hood. Then in the A-pillar also uses black accents make it more viscous sporty impression. Compared with the model coupe, the Roadster version has a lower rear. Connection between the front to the rear of this car has been forged as possible to produce a more sporty body lines and muscular, as conveyed by the BMW.

Regarding the roof to be used in the Z4 Roadster, BMW confirmed that it will use the standard BMW Z4, a hard top. But from the results of this collaboration, BMW and Zagato will also present a model with a soft top as well. But as the car roof open, Zagato has prepared an additional safety system design, a dynamic roll-bars. Dynamic safety system roll-bars is inspired by the wing of an airplane. Norihiko Harada, as leader of Zagato design, promising that the BMW Z4 Zagato Roadster will be more interesting viewing and easily recognizable even from a distance.

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