Caroline Wozniacki, former world number one tennis player, trying to defend her title in tennis tournament New Haven, Connecticut, which was held throughout the week. Step the tennis player who was born in Odense, Denmark, aged 22 years old was fairly smooth. Without obstacles, Wozniacki advanced to the second round after defeating Ekaterina Makarova, Russia, 6-3, 6-3, on Monday.

If the tennis player who is now ranked eighth in the world able to defend her title for the fifth time, she would go in tennis history as the WTA Tour winner for five times or more in a row. Until now, the achievement is only capable by tennis player Steffi Graf of Germany, Martina Navratilova of the U.S. and Chris Evert of the U.S.

For Caroline Wozniacki, if she managed to win this tournament would not only mean a new record, but also became her first title this year after failing in several previous tournaments. But in previous years, she has managed to collect 18 titles from various WTA tournaments.

Wozniacki admitted that her struggle is not going to be easy this time. She became the third seeded below world number one female tennis player, Victoria Azarenka of Belarus and Agniezska Radwanska of Poland. Therefore, Wozniacki had to fight so hard to get past the first round.

In the second half later, this woman tennis player who also a fashion model of some products will be faced with Sofia Arviddson from Sweden. Prestigious tennis tournament is scheduled to prize a total of 637,000 U.S. dollars.

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