Scandalous affair with director Rupert Sanders sticking out some time ago, making the Kristen Stewart really sorry. Since the disclosure of the case, her lover, Robert Pattinson keep a distance with his co-star in the Twilight Saga, due to a deep hurt.

Various attempts have been made the Stewart, to reclaim back the Pattinson love. One of them by sending a love letter to Pattinson. A friend nearby Pattinson stated that Kristen had sent 12 letters of love. One dozen love letters she wrote itself contains the request for Robert to come back to her.

The unnamed informant explained that the contents of the letter point is she can not live without Pattinson and she loved him very much. Kristen desire to return to Pattinson is very large. Not even a half-hearted Kristen offer everything she had to win him back. Christian has offered everything to win back the hearts of Rob. She even gave a suggestion to her and Rob for couples therapy, which might change everything. Kristen does not want to give up to get back the hearts Robert Pattinson. Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson so far been reluctant to speak at all about his relationship with Kristen. In two exclusive interviews with the Daily Show and Good Morning America, the actor Cosmopolis successfully shut up.

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