Many problems could be the start of a trigger disputes between countries. One unique is between Slovenia and Croatia, triggering a dispute between the two countries is about the origin of sausage. Slovenia efforts to gain recognition of the EU as a country of origin sausage Kraniska klobasa opposition from neighbors, Croatia. This condition repeats a similar situation a few months ago after Austria also filed similar protests over Slovenia's intentions.

Croatia will join the EU in mid-2013, through the ministry of agriculture protest against Slovenia's intentions. Slovenia include demand Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) to the European Union on 18 August, but it has included Croatia protest to EU headquarters in Brussels before August 18. Croatian government says Krainer sausage production in former Yugoslavia countries reached 13 million million dollars. With such a large amount of production, no wonder if the Croatian government insists against this claim of the country's neighbors.

Slovenia wishes to get protected status of origin (PDO) is to get a guarantee that only the production of the region are entitled to the name of the product. Simply put, if the EU agreed Krainer sausage comes from Slovenia, then a kind of sausage are produced in other countries can not bear the same name. Similar status has carried many national products such as Roquefort cheese from France or Gosgonzola cheese from Italy. Complicating this is the sausage has several variants in several countries. For example, in Austria the fuss sausage has added cheese and known Kaesekrainer.

Slovenian news agency STA reported Slovenia and Austria have reached a preliminary agreement about this sausage. Krainer sausage still be produced in Austria but with a number of requirements. Slovenia claims Kraniska Klobasa sausage, also known as Krainer sausage that was created in the north of Slovenia in the 19th century. At that time, both Croatia and Slovenia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Now the authority to decide about the origin Kraniska Klobasa sausage is in the hands of the European Union headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

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