Information obtained from the National America Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), said that the robot Curiosity is dispatched from Earth last year has successfully landed in Gale Crater, Mars. The place is located in the equatorial region of Mars at about 15:00, Mars hours. The exciting news was revealed on the official NASA website.

Robot for U.S. $ 2.5 billion was sent to Mars, to conduct research on whether there is life on the planet. The launch was conducted from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and its claimed to be the most sophisticated robot ever to date. According to information from Aswin Vasavada, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientist, said that the robot is technically able to be sent to another planet, because it had previously been sent to the planet than Mars and also the most scientifically qualified. And of course has a cruising range wider than the previous robot.

Curiosity robot was designed starting in 2004. The plan robot will be used for 23 months, after landing on Mars. Its job is to analyze samples taken from the surface of Mars. Curiosity has six wheels and cameras, so the team on earth can monitor and determine the direction to be addressed. He also has a robotic arm to take samples and conduct analysis.

Curiosity successfully landed on Mars with the Mars Science Laboratory spacecraft. Curiosity landing process is not as easy as one might imagine, and through a process that is very thrilling. Even moments of landing with a term called "seven minutes of terror".

Upon entering Mars, spacecraft that brought it to maneuver to slow the speed to a height of about 11 kilometers from the surface of Mars. After that developed supersonic parachute, rides down to a height of up to 1.6 kilometers. The spacecraft then released retrorocket, which will guide the landing of Curiosity which brought.

Retrorocket then, lowering Curiosity robot using a nylon rope with a technique called "sky crane". When Curiosity touches the surface of Mars, used a nylon rope was released and retrorocket flew away. After that six-wheeled robot began to move on the surface of Mars.

The success of this landing, Curiosity is expected to examine molecules that support life on Mars as well as solve the mystery of the evolution of Mars. This success also marks the first success of landing a six-wheeled robot on Mars that man has ever done.

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