Although he has played in the opening match with awesome, Eden Hazard has promised to play better in the next matches. This player was also not worrying condition in the Premier League that full of physical play.

At the beginning of the match, Hazard successfully led Chelsea with the success of two goals in the opening seven minutes of the match against Wigan Athletic. Contribution Hazard ensure that Roberto Di Matteo's side won at the beginning and they will try to continue that success when Reading FC make a visit to Stamford Bridge on Wednesday.

His good game also makes him as a target for opposing players, but the Belgian international player just ignore the challenges that he has received. In fact, this 21 years old Chelsea playmaker did not waste time to prove his worth. The player has moved on to the value of 32 million pounds this summer from Lille.

Hazard added that he had ever felt that kind of match conditions in the Community Shield. In the first round he felt the rigors of the game, but he was in France also happen that way. He was not aware of a player who most often thwarted in that match.

Hazard, Juan Mata and Oscar is expected to be the position of attacking midfielder to support Fernando Torres as the main striker and Belgian players believe it will take time to get the core position. As for Di Matteo, achieve the best results with a couple of new players is one challenge.

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