Robin van Persie has said refused to renew the contract with Arsenal, but Sir Alex Ferguson will still find it difficult to bring the striker to Manchester United. In fact, if Arsenal wait for the contract expires, they will lose this player without getting the results of a dime.

Ferguson said that he had done the best way to transfer the player to his team, but as if Arsenal hot for him. Conditions that make Ferguson was disappointed and was compounded by Arsenal.

MU bidding Robin van Persie had a price of 15 million pounds. However, Arsenal want the price of 20 million pounds. Ferguson created the current problem is not just about price. But according to Ferguson, Arsenal make the transfer process becomes very difficult.

Some of the clubs interested in Van Persie. Beside Manchester United, Manchester City and Juventus are also trying to get this striker. Ferguson added that they were in leading positions and submit a bid, but Arsenal tried to negotiate with other clubs. He does not understand why Arsenal act like it.

A source close to Van Persie who trained with Arsenal in Germany said that the Dutch striker was actually choose to move to Manchester United. However, Manchester City are also kept trying to get him. Meanwhile Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, who has never sold a player to Ferguson before, indicating prefer to sell Van Persie to Juventus.

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