Film music stylist who has won five Oscars, John Williams, will be awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award category at the annual music awards show The Classic Brit Awards 2012, which will be held in October. John Williams was previously known by a number of musical works that adorn prestigious films such as Jaws, Star Wars, Superman, Schindler's List and most recently, War Horse.

Williams selected with the second most votes of 47 candidates submitted for the award category. Most votes first for this category is actually achieved by the late Walt Disney. One of the event's organizing committee chairman, Dickon Stainer, said that Williams had been working on film music that can never be forgotten.

Williams, who recently celebrated the 80th birthday, not only never won five Oscars, but has also won four Golden Globe awards, seven BAFTA event and 21 Grammy. All categories of awards in the The Classic Brit Awards 2012 will be announced on October 2 and is housed at The Royal Albert Hall, London. The event is scheduled to be hosted by Myleene Klass and will be enlivened by the appearance of Andreas Bocelli and Nicola Benedetti.

This year there will be a new award for the best classic singles, the winner is determined by a public vote. The Classic Brit Awards in October will be the 13th and over time this event has also expanded their musical award categories, including awards for musical theater and musical compositions on film.

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