Not a few celebrity women who feel happy if her name is associated with English football star David Beckham. However, the story would be different if they were associated with things that are negative, as experienced by the beautiful singer Katherine Jenkins. Celebrity ladies from Wales are furious after rumors circulated that she affair with Beckham.

Through Twitter account, Jenkins immediately denied the news is not pleasant. She insists that she was never involved in an affair with Beckham. Twitter accounts used was @ KathJenkins, which has 224,517 followers.

Apparently denial is not making her satisfied, before explaining in depth. Then she added that she met David Beckham only twice. First, at the Military Awards in 2010 and the second, in a show on the night in February 2012.

Jenkins said, there is nothing special happens in two meetings with Beckham. All occasion was attended by many people and they never met in person. So the conclusion is obvious that she had never prepared a meeting with Beckham.

Explanation of Katherine Jenkins was also corrected by Beckham. Through his spokesman, he asserts that there is no truth whatsoever in the rumor that is circulating. Even the spokesman said that the rumor is completely unqualified.

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