In addition to stringed instruments and am, a wind instrument is one of the popular musical instruments around the world. Many countries in the world has their unique musical instrument, one of Scotland. Well, Scotland is known to have a unique musical instrument called the "Great Highland Bagpipe" or can be abbreviated GHB.

Bagpipe is a kind of musical instrument, aerophones shaped air bags and leather, using a reed-covered from the air reservoir. GHB is often used for military ceremonies, but also free to be played by every resident of Scotland. Bagpipe can be classified as a music instrument of wood, such as the bassoon, oboe and clarinet. GHB has four cubits reed, two reeds chanter, one reed tenor and one reed bass. All of them together in one set and can be carried like a briefcase when played.

According to estimates, the bagpipes have existed since the year 1400 AD. But the bagpipe is also quite diverse according to their respective homelands. For instance there are bagpipe Russia, North Africa, Baghdad and from the Caucasus region. Because it has a shrill voice, bagpipes could be heard far away many miles.

In the Scottish bagpipes, originally made from local wood materials such as laburnum, boxwood and holly. The wood is prevalent in the United Kingdom. However, since the era of the late 18th and 19th, a lot of bagpipe makers that use a harder wood and grows in tropical areas such as cocuswood of the Caribbean, black wood or called ebony from West Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and blackwood from African sub Sahara. The timber was easily obtained by a Scot, because of their vast colonial empire in the past was still a government by the United Kingdom. In the process, the materials used today are more likely to use synthetic materials usually polypenco, especially for the pipe.

GHB is more often played solo, except for military ceremonies, welcomed the king or the guest country. There are also some bands that play the bagpipes, including the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, ST Laurence O'toolepipe ST Band and The Field Marshal Montgomery Band Pipers.

There are many types of bagpipes can be played as required, for example Practice Chanter which is a double pipe, covered with straw and played with the middle finger, like the Great Bagpipe. Practice Charter made ​​for the training course for more pertable. Moreover, in terms of price also cheaper than the Great Bagpipe.

The second type is the reel pipes which is devoted to playing indoors, has a smaller form. Then there is an electronic bagpipe, which is sung in accordance with the rules of tone, often used to stimulate the tone of the original GHP. And there are others.

Scot usually played GHB completed with their traditional costumes, such as tartan skirt red, shoes with high socks and hats made hairy like a wig. Bagpipes also played at the dance and have done for generations by the Scottish Traditional.

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