The studio Universal has decided to no longer use the figure Kristen Stewart as Snow White, in Snow White and the Huntsman sequel movie. The sequel is scheduled to be focused on the figure Huntsman, who still played by Chris Hemsworth. According to The Hollywood Reporter sources, the sequel to the film Snow White and the Huntsman is going through many changes.

Still no word can ascertain whether the Rupert Sanders directed Snow White and the Huntsman, will again be the director of thiw film sequel. Universal Studio Party is still looking for other options to continue the sequel. The move comes after Stewart, 22 and Sanders, 41, apologized publicly about their affair was exposed, after their intimate photo spread in the internet pages in July.

One source of the opinion that the replacement of the main character is a familiar happening in Hollywood production house. Sources revealed that the original plan, the character of Snow White will find in the first and second films, while figures Huntsman will be featured on the third film.

Until now, it remains unclear how the follow up sequel to Snow White themed films will be made. Snow White and the Huntsman broke through the top of the box-office as one of the best selling movie in the world with gains of up to 389 million U.S. dollars. Meanwhile, the funds used for the making of the film is reportedly about 170 million U.S. dollars. For the movie sequel reportedly will be significant budget cuts, because in the first movie, one of the largest budget spent used to pay Kristen Stewart.

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