London 2012 Olympic medals are the largest medals that ever used in the Olympics. The medal has the biggest size and weight compared with medals ever used before. Although the medals at this prestigious sporting event, physically are cheap and not a luxury. Price medal if sold as goods and if did not see the prestige of the Olympics, actually estimated to cost only about 3 pounds.

For gold medal, the gold content in it is just 1 percent. While the rest are another ingredients that consists of 92.5 percent silver and 6.16 percent copper. The price remains the highest among other medals, with an estimated price of around 410 pounds.

For the silver medal has an estimated price of 210 pounds, because the gold content in the medal was replaced with more of a mixture of copper. In fact, according to the rules established by the International Olympic Committee, the silver medals must be made from mixture of 550 grams high quality silver and 6 grams of gold.

While the bronze medal in the Olympic used is made of 97 percent copper, 2.5 percent zinc and 0.5 percent lead. The third mixture of ingredients that is estimated to be worth 3 pounds.

Estimated pricing is based on the materials used on the medal and the reference used is the price of raw metal. Though of course the real value is actually much higher if the medals were sold in the market. Medals weighing 375 to 400 grams with a width of 85 mm and 7 mm thick, will be awarded to 805 winners in a victory ceremony in two weeks. Although the Olympic gold medal is not made of pure gold, of course this medal is still worth hundreds of thousands pounds at auction, because of the medals is very prestigious.

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